[CONTRATCT] Looking for a quote for a level designer and/or environment artist. Glacial forest and Cave

I’m currently budgeting a project for XR/VP (low budget) and while I could build some basic layouts, in reality, I need some experts. A generalist that could do the layout and some lighting would be great.

Any recommendations? Any ideas of how much a quote could run me?

I’m mostly a film producer and all of this is new to me.

Hey, this looks like the kind of project I’d be able to help with. I’ve been working on a couple of VP productions for the last four months and have a couple of weeks spare before my next contract. I would be willing to make a scene for you in that time and get it lit and ready for VP - I can also make sure it’s fully optimised to run on whatever hardware you are using.

Here’s my portfolio: ArtStation - Ben Kelly

You can email me at or I’m on Discord: Ben Kelly#8909