[CONTRACTOR/PAID] Looking for UE4 blueprint/C++ programmer for management game


I am the director of Superego Software and we are a professional team of four people consisting of one project manager/programmer (myself), one programmer, one game designer and one artist.

The team is based in the UK, but some of our staff work remotely from Italy and Germany.

I am a veteran game developer and I worked on four AAA titles shipped on console and PC.

Recently, other projects have kept me from actively coding on our new ambitious management game (expected first public build in February 2021). For this reason, we are looking for an additional programmer to join us. Any level of experience is welcome, but I think this position is perfect for a Junior/Intermediate programmer.

The candidate will be expected to work in blueprint most of the time, and if necessary write some small plugins in C++.

The candidate needs to have some experience with UE4 and a finished project to showcase to us in his or her CV.

Please note, the candidate will be required to work from home.

If you are interested, please direct message me with your CV and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.