[CONTRACT] Visualisation Demos and Character Designs - Immersive Theatre Show for Kids

**COMPANY Roll Over N Play Dead Ltd

Visualisations of a real world theatre experience for kids, where the story takes place within multiple large scale sets.
Kids interact with the scenes and actors to progress through the story and experience storytelling like never before. Step into a world where you’re the star.

6 x Scene visualisations
4 x Character creations
1 x Typeface logo for the experience
1 x Video combining the above into 60-90sec trailer


  • Peculiar environments (things are a bit weird, and not as you would expect)
  • It’s a kids experience (ages 10-12), so fun and exciting (but not childish)
  • Imagine being on set in a real world Harry Potter.

Scene 1:

  • Street Scene
  • Row of curious shops, inc magical window installations

Scene 2:

  • Botanical Library
  • Old library, overgrown with lush foliage, trees, flora and fauna

Scene 3:

  • SteamPunk Laboratory
  • Working science laboratory with various tesla coils, plasma spheres, bubbling test tubes

Scene 4:

  • Transformation room
  • A blank canvas room which transforms into a surreal and magical space before your eyes

Scene 5:

  • Costume Emporium
  • Filled with theatrical costumes, wardrobes and dressing room accessories
  • Numerous kids wearing different styles of outfits (adventurer, scientist, astronaut etc)

Scene 6:

  • The Art Gallery
  • Gallery space with some of our feature props and paintings of some of our interactive worlds
  • Travel portal with the final call to action


  • Lead Female - Adventurer
  • Female - Old Librarian
  • Male - Miner
  • Female - Dominatrix

Roll Over N Play Dead Ltd
A startup live events theatre company.

Managing Director - Steve Coffey
20 years in live events including 9 x Olympic Games, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Formula 1, Europe’s Largest Party, Festivals, and clients including Facebook, Samsung, McKinsey etc

Creative Director - Christopher Mills
20 years in live events including clients Disney, Universal Pictures, Premier League, F1, Dreamworks, British Royal Family.
This is a short term contract position under a work for hire agreement. Full use of the assets and content creation can be used by you in your portfolios subject to conditions. Full and detailed brief available for those shortlisted.

Talent Required:
3D Artist (1)

  • Ability to create eye-catching and unique environments
  • Experienced with scene lighting - a key component
  • Create slick and polished video flythroughs, (potentially to include guests/visitors in some scenes). Approx 60-90 secs in length.
  • We are happy to use pre-existing library assets at this stage, ability to create bespoke assets may be an advantage

3D Character Artist (1)

  • Life like character creation, akin to a games experience
  • Experience with metahuman a bonus.
  • Character rigging and animation a bonus.

We are London based, but will consider applications from any location worldwide.

*Aiming for a relatively fast turnaround. *
*Approx 2 weeks for set creations, and 2/3 days of amends. *
Approx 1/2 days for video creation inc amends.
Approx 1 week for character creations, and 2/3 days of amends.

Availability in March would be ideal.

Please send portfolio links, availability and rates to the below.