[CONTRACT] Sound Designer & Composer for Crater Critters

We are looking for a freelance Sound Designer to make dynamic music and SFX for Crater Critters! Send rates and portfolios if interested.

We are looking for

  • a soundtrack that can be listened to over and over again without becoming annoying. Something that can dynamically change to match the chaos/calm on screen.
  • Background ambience
  • Critter death
  • Player Weapons (blaster, shotgun, EMP, Laser, Rockets)
  • Critter Weapons (Burst, glob shot, wave)
  • menu
  • character and critter movement

Looking for people

  • Experience creating adaptive soundtracks
  • Unreal Experience
  • Think your style of music would be a good fit for the game!

Our website is and our last game was Bears Can’t Drift!?