[CONTRACT] Shading and VFX Artist (UE4)

Scotland based indie company currently working on a Shoot’em up.
Project Name: Cygni: All Guns Blazing! (Cygnigame)
Looking for a Shading and VFX Artist (UE4) to work remotely.
Send your portfolio to:


  • Create realistic and stylised visual FX (including Fire, smoke, explosions, dust, splashes, water, debris, etc…) inside UE4.
  • Strong skills in UE4 materials and VFX (both Cascade and Niagara).
  • Able to create complex material shaders for both organic and hard surfaces.
  • Highly flexible, able to work with different software and tools and able to utilise simulation software for custom VFX generation (Houdini, Phoenix FD, FumeFX etc…).
  • Experience using 3d applications to create VFX assets and import them into UE4 (Ex. Pre-baking large debris to utilise in the engine or modeling/texturing ground damage effects to utilise during explosions etc…).
  • Profiling particles and shaders for optimisation to maximise in game performance.
  • Working knowledge of sprite sheet creation to be used in animated sequences.
  • Work closely with the team to develop VFX best practices guidelines and workflows.
  • Team player, problem solver, responds to and implements changes according to feedback and direction.
  • Good English communication skills.