[CONTRACT][ROYALTY]Need UE4 developer to help with ONLINE RPG

**This is a PAID position.

Project Title:**
Phoenix Born

Multi-player online RPG set in a fantasy-steampunk world. Players create their character(s) and join others in a community driven free market economy world. No defined classes means players can train in anything they want using the vast skill system. There are no ‘magical gear sets’, no ‘endless grinding for top level gear’. Only those skilled in multiple crafts can achieve great power (or sell it to others). Players can choose to join guilds (factions) which can open up further content (or close some off) or they can adventure as nomads with no loyalties to any one faction. The game is also OPEN PVP, and players can actually KILL NPCs in towns (if they can kill the guards defending the town!) and some factions might actually require it. Community will drive the game through the update system (The game is ever expanding and not all content will be released at the start but in tiered levels based on different things the current communities do)


  • Tense PVP/PVE combat (All equipped and inventory items drop on death)
  • Player driven economy
  • Extensive player customization
  • Fantasy-steampunk RPG style

Team Structure**:**
Kevin Sand (Project Creator)
Project Management - Game Designer

Freya Nightingale (Artist)

Previous Work:
N/A - First title.

Talent Required:
UE4 Blueprint Developer

  • Ability and know-how to create the needed content to work.
  • Experience with C++ a bonus.
  • Experience with online RPGs a bonus (framework for online play will be added later)
  • Expected to communicate efficiently with team.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: Snirf#9238
Skype: Kevin Sand