[CONTRACT/ROYALTY] Light Cubes - mobile Windows 10 crossplatform app

Project Title:
Light Cubes - Mobile/crossplatform app


Player do add, move, rotate cubes, gives a color of cubes which emiting those color light in 3x3x3 (invisible 3x3x3 cube) 3d space.
Selected cubes by player should easy snap into that 3x3x3 3d space can be rotated till that 3x3x3 invisible cube get filled!
Choosen colored cubes cannot stay or be out of that 3x3x3 space when player click the button “Finished/Done”
to see light color mixing projected on the grey room walls (Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Front and Back)!
Overwhelming color results triger that overwhelming color explanation in short color meaning description
and that is what characteristics will have “a design product”, launched into public.

• feature #1 best RGB color picker suitable for mobile phone devices
• feature #2 displaying the colored lights mixing results
• feature #3 Export results into pdf and some other files formats.

Team Name:
Lab-Dot Design Lab (not registered yet)

Team Structure:

<Project Manager>
Branislav Jakovljev , Serbia

** <C++ Programmer><Blueprint Scripting>**

** <3D Character Artist><3D Artist><Concept Artist>**
Branislav Jakovljev
I have all required models and can provide Unreal Engine project files.
All Light Cubes need to have same materials done in Unreal Engine! Just Color need to be able to change and determinate by app user.

Previous Work:

Talent Required:
<C++ Programmer><Blueprint Scripting>

• able to create 3d apps for all platforms, crossplatform (Win10, iOS and Android). I preffer Windows 1st to be, then rest OSes!

•Task #1. creating in Unreal Engine Light Cubes room with 3x3x3 invisible cube where user colored light emitting cubes can be snapped into, rotated and nudged to fit into 3x3x3 3d space.
•Task #2. to help in UI/UX design.

no website yet

Skype: branislav.jakovljev1

If application succeed then I can pay you from that money or give royalties % from app sales.