[CONTRACT] Remote Technical Animator & Gameplay Design Implementor / UE4 Blueprint Scriptor

Project Title:
Project Genesis

We’re a small company of dedicated developers who are shipping-focused (a number of us come from triple A publishers and a whole range of indie games, so releasing games is in our blood). We’re ambitious and stoked to make an impact on the game industry by creating fun and novel games across multiple platforms (mobile, web, PC, Xbox, and PS4 eventually). Our current title is called Project Genesis and is a genre mashup that strives to combine 3rd person ship-to-ship space combat and FPS play aboard giant capital ships into one game (like old school Star Wars Battlefront II 2006).

Team Name:
8 Circuit Studios, Inc.

Technical Animator

As a Technical Animator, you will:

  • Work with the animation team to define, create and maintain the animation pipeline

  • Design and support complex character, facial and weapon rigs in Maya and Unreal Engine 4

  • Own the skinning process for a variety of characters, weapons, garments and gear

  • Support and improve the integration of animation assets from Maya to Unreal Engine 4

  • Manage code and content delivery with Perforce

Note: Work samples are required as part of your application.

Please submit work samples which demonstrate:

  • Character rigging and skinning capabilities

  • Documentation or videos describing previous tool development

Gameplay Design Implementor / UE4 Blueprint Scripter

Minimum Requirements:

  • A passion for scripting
  • Strong attention to detail and the ability to produce AAA quality work
  • Ability to digest feedback, break that feedback into actionable tasks, and then quickly iterate in engine; Prior experience conceptualizing game mechanics; Blueprint scripting experience
  • Unreal Engine 4 experience
  • Experience in rapid prototyping to test the feasibility of concepts
  • Providing organized Blueprint scripts in Unreal Engine; Online communication and team-collaboration skills
  • Game development experience with at least one shipped title (PC or Console)
  • A keen sense for gameplay mechanics, particularly if you’ve shipped games with responsibility for their delivery
  • A strong understanding of design tool frameworks, and how both script and visual script co-exist
  • Ability to work independently in a team environment

Contractor Responsibilities:

  • Creating the high level designs for player and enemy abilities
  • Collaborate to create cohesive characters and enemies
  • Communicate with gameplay engineers on the building of an underlying system for the rapid creation and iteration of player and enemy abilities
  • Scripting, using both LUA and Visual Script (C++ could be substituted for LUA)
  • Determine the best way to prototype, and plan the transition of script to code later in development

If interested in either role, please email your resume, any work samples, and 2 sentences of how your experience is relevant to the role to: