[CONTRACT] Realistic 3D anatomically correct characters

Project Title: SkyWolf (working title)

A visual novel with full 3D adult content. The setting is post apocalyptic.

What is needed:
I need a realistic and unique fully anatomically correct human models both female and male in Unreal engine, preferably 5.0. Morphs and rig that cover whole body is also required.

It doesn’t matter if you import them from Daz or iclone, but i also need clothing which can be a seperate contract.

Price is up for discussion after reviewing the model and it’s quality. The better the quality the more I’m willing to pay of course. I also need many models, so preferably a model that have morphs so i can change their physical appearance in unreal engine.

Contact me kttdestroyer@gmail.com !
Looking forward to hear from you.

Hello, I managed to import a Daz character with a cloth to UE5 with all the morphs, you should be able to do that too without hiring someone and save your budget.

This is the demo: daz.zip

This is the tool I used: Releases · David-Vodhanel/DazToRuntime · GitHub

Support page: Daz To Unreal - UE Marketplace (unrealengine.com)

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Thank you very much! I will try to follow your steps :slight_smile:

I wonder, which version were you using? i cant seem to be able to open it, with error message:


I think it maybe be some version differences?