[CONTRACT] Proof Of Concept Metahuman Pipeline Build


We are looking for someone to come on and do paid contract work.

We want a small proof of concept, and depending on the outcome will probably put in a bunch more money.

Context: We want to create a metahuman 5 pipeline. That is, we want to send a script of instructions/directions, have this rendered by a cloud machine somewhere, and have the sequence render passed back to our service.


(1) We are a translation company. We want to see if we can programmatically create metahumans who say/do stuff (we can provide text, voiceovers etc).
(2) We want to send a cloud service some instructions.
(3) We want to cloud service to do the render.
(4) We want a video asset created off the back of this which we can use.

Right now we don’t know how to make this happen. We want you to (a) give us options, (b) proof of concept out the solution with pre input params (i.e. say something, shrug, show victory sign) and (c) convert output to video.

Assuming this is simple enough, we can get a bunch more funding to turn it into a product, but right now its just an experiment.

Looking for a someone to hand hold us through the process, provide some options and then to build out the proof of concept.

Please reach out to me @ - thanks so much.

P.S. Bit of a noob in terms of graphical engines etc - very grateful for any guidance / heuristics if above to misinformed. Thanks so much.