[CONTRACT] Programmer Required

Looking for a programmer who has experience with the Unreal engine! More information below, please send an email to [EMAIL=“”] if interested (also displayed in the “Contact” section below. Note: Most assets will be provided for you while working on the project

Project Title:

Brief Description:
Survive in a cruel medieval environment filled with players and wild animals. Build a small dwelling or huge fortress, and if you feel powerful enough challenge one of the !


Each server is aimed to have a capacity of 100 players. Most servers will require a ping limit.

Crafting Stations

There will be different crafting stations within . These include: smelters, forge, workbenches, anvils and more! Each of these have a specific use within the world, and to become more technologically advanced the player must construct these stations.

Building System

The building system is a block building system. This allows the player maximum flexibility over their bases. They can choose whether to create a small dwelling or a huge fortress.

Siege System

This siege system allows a fully immersive experience. Weapons such as the ballista and trebuchet are required to be implemented (eventually).

King System

This king system allows players to rule over the server. There will be multiple thrones placed throughout the world, and each king will be able to rule over a certain area on the map. Each king can place a tax on that specific area, and players can choose which king to support.


Combat System

The combat system will be a major point in . The player will be able to perform different moves against their opponent, and the player will more skill will win. The combat system is aimed to be similar to “Chivalry: Medieval Warfare”.

Clan System

The clan system will allow players to join with each other. This allows them to build together, and to also ensure no bases build close to them.


All payment will be done via PayPal after proof of work has been shown. To contact me, please use the email in the “Contact” section to discuss payment.

Team Name:

Team Structure**:**
Project manager, level designer

Previous Work:
We have developed many single player prior projects, such as 2100

Talent Required:

  • Can use Unreal’s blueprint feature very comfortably
  • Can use C++ easily
  • Have had worked on multiplayer projects before

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]