[CONTRACT] Physics Programmer wanted for Downhill Mountain Bike Title C++ / Blueprints

Looking for an experienced programmer that specialises in, or has good previous experience of vehicle physics…ideally bikes, to work on our up coming next gen title “Shred 3”.

We already have a solid working prototype, created using blueprints in 4.26 but are looking to expand on this. Ideally we would probably want this converted to C++ in the long term and make the switch to a UE5 Chaos based setup to avoid long term compatibility issues.

Prototype footage here:

In addition to the bike physics there would probably be plenty of further work opportunities assisting in ad hoc tasks going forward.

  • Obviously must have awesome physics programming skills in Blueprints and C++
  • Genuine enthusiasm and real world knowledge of MTB / BMX / Skateboarding / other action sports massively advantageous
  • Must be UK based or in a very similar time zone
  • Must have excellent written and spoken english
  • Must be willing to have regular casual discussions via skype / discord and a good sense of humor

Our previous title “Shred! 2 - ft Sam Pilgrim” is available on all major platforms, you can check out a trailer below to get a feel for the project: