[CONTRACT/PAID] VR Pet Simulator - UE4 VR Developer

Infostrates, a digital communication company based in South of France produce several digital services for our client as website, mobile application, AI services, VR and AR applications.
Regarding a new VR project, we are looking for one VR Developer to develop from our 3D Designs a Windows application on Oculus Rift CV1. The application will represent the different behaviors of a pet through a course. The user equipped with VR headset will be playing the pet in an indoor and outdoor environment of a house and need to finish the course in 5min maximum.
4 different kind of scenarios possible: going outside, ball playing with a human, drinking, agility obstacle playing

Our Motion team is composed of one 3D designer (5 years experience) in UE4 to create every environment we need for this project. You will be working directly with him to develop the interaction between his environment and the user interaction in VR and be managed by our innovation manager to assure the Project process. Remote working is obviously accepted.

**Required: **
UE4 VR developer

  • Experience working in Unreal, C++ and/or Blueprints
  • Experience with VR development (creating UI, hotspot action, pick-up objects)
  • Knowledge/experience of Oculus Rift blueprints
  • Working Experience with remote teams

Competitive rate


E-mail: .-@infostrates.fr
Skype: .-

We are looking forward to hearing more information from you!