[CONTRACT/PAID] Updated: VirtualCity@Chalmers looking for UE dev talents! Long term positions

Update [14 Nov]: Due to high work load we are now looking for another level designer and/or 3D artist! EU or Nordic or UK residents only please (due to bureaucracy of invoicing!)

Update [29 Aug]:We are currently really lacking UI/UX designer applications! The bids are high :slight_smile: Thank you all for the interest shown!

Update [24 Aug]: to answer some of your questions, anything back-end related, i.e. calls from UE to outside sources/input is handled by our back-end platform, developed by me and a few more devs, so you won’t have to worry about that. Currently all those calls are just simple JSON objects parsed via RESTful API.


We are looking for junior/intermediate level UE developers:

  1. UE Core developer (C++ pref. but BP can work for now :))
    2) Level designer/3D artist
  2. Gameplay/User Experience developer and/or UMG Designer

to work on our VirtualCity@Chalmers platform. VirtualCity@Chalmers (in very short) is about building a digital twin of the two campuses of Chalmers University of Technology and eventually of the whole city of Gothenburg, Sweden.

More info at

The budget is negotiable and long term: 1+ year contract, no 100% commitment required since it’s an ongoing academic project. The project has a lot of added benefits that include: ability to work remotely, free trips to Sweden, academic visibility, chance to fight for Unreal Grant, being part of an international multi-disciplinary dev team and more :smiley:

Contact me directly here or at [EMAIL=“”]

You’ll probably to specify what you’re looking for. ‘Developer’ is a very broad term that covers a number of disciplines.

I hope this clarified things. Thanks @ambershee !

@vasnas just sent you an email)

I have clarified and updated our offering :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the interest. We are processing the offers :slight_smile: We still lack UX/UI Designer applications!

@vasnas I have sent you an email.