[CONTRACT/PAID] UMG control arranging component


I need to component that can arrange UMG controls so that they don’t overlap each other. UMG controls are displayed on top of Actors. UMG controls that turn out to be off-screen have an option to still appear on screen with a special indicator. If there are too many UMG controls of a certain type in one place, they have an option to be grouped together.

All information about the task is in this file:…zG2kYPUfc26pvn

What I expect

  • Clean, documented code, which follows my architectural guidelines.
  • Should handle at least 100 controls without drop in FPS.
  • A demo with all the features of this component.
  • Prefer all to be blueprint-based, but c++ code is also acceptable.

Negotiations and payment

  • You read this document, and then send me a proposal via a personal forum message on how much time and money you need to complete this task. Also I need to see your portfolio that can prove that you are qualified for this task.
  • If we agree on these terms, we move on.
  • After you complete the assignment, you send me an executable demo. Also for this task I will require screenshot of a couple of the class definitions to prove that you did not write spaghetti code. They should look more or less like in the “Architecture” part of my “Task.docx” file.
  • I send the money, then you send the source code.
  • If we are both happy, I will offer 5 more assignments for the same project.

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