[CONTRACT/PAID] Technical Animator needed - Multiplayer Combat in Unreal Engine - No agencies

Project Title:
Adventure in Aellion

In order to provide a compelling and satisfying combat experience in our debut game, Adventure in Aellion, we need a technical animator to work alongside our 3D animator and lead programmer to work on the system. We expect an appraisal of the existing system, models and animations, as well as recommended rework and execution. Modelling in Max or Maya.

Appraisal of existing combat system, models and animations alongside existing team members
provide recommendation for rework
execution of rework
and finally to deliver new combat system and animations (BP plus anims with a demo showing the combat system)

Team Name:
The Game Production Company

Talent Required:
<Technical Animator>
We are looking for an intermediate level technical animator with experience in Zelda-like combat systems, a successful candidate should have also experience with the BP code implementation (BP)

We expect the contract to last less than a month


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