[CONTRACT/PAID] Seeking Programmer for 3D fighter Demo

Greeting and salutations internet!

Do you enjoy working on games? Are you a programmer?

Indie team Galvanize Studios is looking for a programmer for help in a developing a prototype demo for a 3D party fighter spiritual successor to Power Stone 2.

Please email us at: (no _)

Multiple stages done, multiple characters done, GUI and basic animations completed (will work on animations more once the place holder test work). Looking for a programmer(s) to put it all together to make an amazing demo together to hopefully continue working on this game and take it to completion.

Would like to pay through PayPal but willing to talk how payment process will work.

About the Project.

Gowang Adventures: Clash on Demon Head is a 3D party fighter. 1-4 players deck it out on different locations.

Hope to hear from you.

  • Jin

Discord: chibigowang #7596

Why did you chose that title for the game? What does it mean Gowang ?


Great to hear from you BestWarrior. I choose the name for some pretty odd reasons.

Gowang doesn’t have any meaning. It just the name of the character in picture two, the character in the jumpsuit. He has a made up name.

Gowang Adventure is mostly just to tell this is his adventure. And the series name. Clash On Demon Head is the game story since you will be fighting on a giant demon skeleton head.