[CONTRACT/PAID] Remote Gameplay Engineer for MMO - US Based

If interested, please contact Will Baxter:

Come help us build the next generation of community based MMOs. With our studio launching 3 games over the next year, we need your help with our next project. Our titles are across mobile, PC, and console, and this title will be across all 3!

As a Gameplay Engineer, you will:
•Work with designers, producers, artists, and other core and backend engineers to build a framework that brings designs to life.
•Implement a data-driven simulation system to author player facing behaviors in C++.
•Build creative aspects of ‘real life’ within a simulation game (e.g. socialization, careers, weather, or unique characters).
•Author technical design documents detailing software requirements.
•Build unique content for a game that supports a large demographic of simulation player patterns.

•3+ years experience in a hands-on development role.
•Demonstrate technical abilities with large projects implemented in C++.
•Experience building and shipping games
•Experience working with Unreal Engine, 3+ years minimum
•Experience with Multiplayer Games
•Experience with Unreal Engine Networking

•Experience developing for both PC and Mobile platform games.
•Demonstrate experience working in large data-driven games or applications.

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