[CONTRACT/PAID] Programming talent needed to finish crazy drone game.

working title
Battle Drones

Rotoactive and Bokbulbok Games

Hi there,
My name is Rob Wright and I’ve been working in games for 25+ years.

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In 2016 I left my job at a leading game studio in order to develop my first indie project. Battle Drones (working title) is a drone based battle/race game set in the near future. The game’s direction reinterprets the present day FPV scene as an evolved rotor sport where weaponized drones race and battle it out death-match style. As you can see in the preview video, quite a bit has been accomplished so far and a good amount of code currently exists. Unfortunately the project recently lost it’s lead programmer which leads me to this post. 2 elements of talent are needed In order to get this game to release.

  • **GAME/BLUEPRINT PROGRAMMER: **This individual should be somewhat familiar with drones if not already fascinated by them. Various gameplay systems need to be finalized/polished and the current build has some custom C++ code that is referenced in as plugins so familiarity with implementing/handling (not necessarily coding in) C++ is a plus. Nonetheless, strong blueprint skills and deep game architectural experience are a must for this position.

  • NETWORK/BACKEND PROGRAMMER: This person does not necessarily need to have a drone lust but it would be a bonus based on passion alone. What this individual needs to posses is a strong knowledge of back-end structures such as building and managing online gameplay and marketplace systems. C++ experience and the ability to interface with HTML and other online web protocols is a must.

As the title of this post infers, these are paid positions. Both jobs are remote and all files are versioned in P4. As usual, the pay rate is determined by experience and ability. It is not necessary to have shipped a AAA title but your examples should demonstrably reflect that caliber of work (so wow us with your work history :P). This is a serious inde project that is fully funded so please, serious replies only. If you feel you might be a good fit for either position, please feel free to contact me at the email provided below. Make sure to include your experience history and links to any work examples.

And finally, to get an idea what the game is all about, check out the preview video below.

Thank you for your consideration and happy flying!


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]j[EMAIL=“”]

Video Preview: