[CONTRACT/PAID] Looking For Programmer To Add Mod Support (Primarily Custom Character Models)

Project title:

Cry of Athena: VR Battle Simulator

Team name:
Simulated Minds

Description: Create your own battles by summoning armies from a wide range of historical eras, fiction, and folklore - watch them fight, intervene with god powers or join in the battlefield yourself. Cry of Athena features a variety of AI, environment destruction, battle creation, and on the ground VR combat. If you are familiar with games like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, this is of the same genre but involves in-depth player mechanics in VR. We’re currently in a Closed Alpha phase and are looking to finish off the rest of the major systems! CoA also includes a non-VR launch mode.

Cry of Athena: Steam link
Youtube: Gameplay Trailer

We are three programmers along with a couple of artists and musicians creating VR and PC games.

Developer we are looking for:

We are looking for a programmer who can help add mod support to the game. We’ll start with allowing players to import custom skeletal meshes via Steam Workshop (Workshop support already implemented) as well as through other means. Once importing custom skeletal meshes is achieved, we would like to extend to other things such as custom weapons, levels, vehicles, and effects.

We have classes of AI that are based on the character class, the goal is to swap the skeletal mesh of these AI with the external modded one. Users will probably use the UE4 skeleton we provide to base their modded characters on.

In terms of exact implementation, we want to create a mod kit/SDK that can be hosted on the Epic Game Store similar to games like Operation Harsh Doorstop, Squad, Robo Recall, etc. OHD’s SDK is great in particular so it helps to familiarize yourself with it in the Google Doc below! More details in general in the document below. Feel free to suggest other methods though.

Exact details in the following Google doc:
Cry of Athena Modding Needs

Required Skills:

  • Experience programming in game development using Unreal Engine 4.
  • Blueprint development skills.
  • C++ Working Knowledge.
  • Honest and transparent in communication.
  • Consistent with meeting goals and responsive in messages.


  • Familiarity with SimpleUGC
  • Familiarity with mod kits and SDK’s like those listed in the document, particularly OHD’s


Include prior work if relevant.

I can also answer any questions over email/Discord, and we can chat more over a call.
Discord: Kami822

Looking forward to chatting with you.