[CONTRACT/PAID] Looking for programmer for multiplayer project with vr and non vr support.


We are MINDPED LLC - a small buisness working on **Onmyodo **(working title). It is a multiplayer / singleplayer VR and non VR survival horror game with similarities to resident evil series.

**We are looking for an experienced developer to join us to help take over the burden of the programming side of development. **


  • Expert in C++ and Blueprinting

  • Strong knowledge of Networking / Heavy multiplayer experience / Matchmaking

  • Optimizing code

  • A good ability to solve problems and work well with other team members from different areas

  • Portfolio / resume / work on previous projects

  • In the Orlando, FL area preferred, but may make exceptions.

  • Experience with implementing custom controllers / input methods a bonus.

**If you are interested and have enough experience, please contact us [EMAIL=“”] **

**We look forward to hearing from you!