[CONTRACT/PAID] Looking for programmer for cross-platform plugin for mobile devices

We need to build an Unreal Engine plugin that will be used in Unreal apps made for iOS and Android mobile platforms.

The plugin itself it’s just an example of an Unreal Engine plugin that works with mobile platforms. It just has one or two functions. We will use it as a starting point to develop ourselves the plugin we wish.
One of the requirements is to be able to interact with mobile level libraries, meaning .jar and .framework for Android and iOs respectively. If you ever have done any plugin that does just that, it’s most of the work already done!
Another requirement is to have a callback-like communication between the “mobile” level and the “Unreal” level, so not only being able to call a function in a .jar/.framework from c++ but also the other way around.
A final requirement is to have the most simple possible application that makes use of the plugin. It just needs a couple of buttons to call the plugin functions, so that we can extend it later.

Feel free to ask for more details.
For full job description and contract negotiation send me a private message.