[CONTRACT/PAID] Looking for Game Animator

Project Description:

This project, developed in Unreal, is actually a game-based application that will be playable in web-browser and mobile platforms. This app is actually a series of immersive tests, designed to place job applicants in a life-like version of the job they are applying for. The test is designed to measure how well they would do in simplified versions of tasks and challenges (Example: helping a coworker with a situation) that would be experienced in the real-world job. This application would help users find a job that best suits their skills, and also helps companies find the right talent for a position in need.

Company Name:

*Adaptive Immersion Technologies – *We are a US-based company that builds game-based applications for human performance management. This can take the form of decision-support aids, adaptive training, and candidate selection for jobs. Our solutions are focused on helping companies and organizations find the right talent for the job, as well as training those already in the job, through fun, engaging, and adaptive games customized to people’s strengths and weaknesses.

Team Structure:

Phil: President and Chief Scientist – 7 years
**Noel: **Project Manager and Game Design – 4 years
**Tom: **General C++/Blueprints Programmer – 5 years
**Isaac: **General 3D Artist, Modeler, Animator – 5 years

Talent Required:

3D Game Animator w/ Knowledge in Setup:

We are currently looking to hire a talented animator for a contract position on this project. They would assist with polishing our existing animations to further bring our characters to life. The ideal candidate would have professional experience in the workflow process of developing animations in Autodesk Maya, exporting them to Unreal, and working with Unreal’s animation state machine. A definite plus would be if this candidate has experience in the setup process of animating characters; for instance, rigging a bipedal humanoid character for facial/body animations, skinning and weight painting, etc.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience working in small teams with fast deadlines,
  • Knowledge and proficiency working with UE4,
  • Access to professional license of Autodesk Maya,
  • Mastery of 3D game animation, including import/export process into UE4,
  • Knowledge of technical setup process (rigging, skinning and weight painting),
  • Proficiency using UE4’s animation state machine,
  • Excellent communication skills with other game development teammates and non-game development teammates


Company Website


*Email: *[EMAIL=“”]
*OR: *You can DM me here (AdaptTech17)