[CONTRACT/PAID] Looking for Developers, for a Multiplayer Project

Hi All

My team and I are based out of Mumbai, India and are currently working on a Multiplayer Game. We’re aiming to complete a polished and highly stable ‘Showcase’ build in the next few months, so that we can garner financial attention.

I’m attaching a WIP image of a playable character to give you a an idea of the game.

We have the core game mechanics set and the game is playable online, but we require a lot of visual/aural polish to bring it up to the mark, not to mention overall optimization.

We need:

  1. Blueprint/C++ Programmer: Somebody with extensive Unreal experience who can implement Animal/Herd AI behaviour, troubleshoot existing bugs, assist the designer in executing gameplay mechanics and ensuring the game runs smoothly.

  2. Technical Artist: Somebody who can help us optimize assets, improve FPS, create shaders and VFX in order to up the visual polish of the game

  3. UI/UX Designer/Programmer: Somebody who can create a fully functional UI/UX system using Blueprints.

Essentially we need experienced people who have hands on with Unreal and would be able to multitask and wear more than one hat.

If anybody is interested, do ping me via email or PM and I’d love to discuss the game with you.

Thank you all for your time and interest.

Shobhit Mukherjee
Email: [EMAIL=“”]

Is it a local job or can be remote?

sent yourself an email :slight_smile: Hope to hear back soon

Hi Filipe
Remote. We’re based in Mumbai, India.

Thanks Chives, I will revert to you there :slight_smile: