[CONTRACT/PAID] LF Programmer for smooth procedural mesh


we are looking for a programmer with the skills to create a procedural mesh that gets smoothened based on 8 input strokes (lines of coordinates).

  1. The application is a VR (dev kit not needed) environment in which the user draws 8 lines along his own leg, his body is tracked via ViveMocapKit and Vive Trackers/Optitrack.The 8 lines create coordinates to feed into the procedural mesh generation. This already works (made in blueprint), but what we need is this leg mesh to be subdivided and smoothed 2-3 times to look more realistic.
  2. We also need the UVs and normals of the procedural mesh to work.
  3. The lines/markers/coordinates when starting to draw the leg strokes also have to be translated and rotated with the persons movements in VR (attached to the knee bone). This attachment is working, but not correctly before finishing to draw the whole procedural mesh.
  4. We then also need to export the coordinates of the procedural mesh and re-use the function to create the procedural mesh in a different UE application (for analyzing).

Team Name:
Filmproduktion GmbH

Team Structure**:**
Project Manager: Christoph
Blueprint Scripting/3D Artist:

Previous Work:

Talent Required:
Experienced programmer with knowledge about procedural meshes

Mail: .@.de
or DM me