CONTRACT/PAID] Level Designer/Cinimatics/blueprint scripting

Skillset: 3D Game Designer:

  • 4 Years in indie game scene
  • Level Design
  • Environmental Art
  • Cinematics
  • Blueprint scripting
  • Animation blueprint scripting
  • UI

Portfolio: (ArtStation) (Game Trailer) Courtyard level design (sneak peak!) contains jump scare and gore)

I’ve worked on many projects that unfortunately I can’t talk about or show as their still in development. I’m currently working on a Horror game hence the Horror level design and environment Art but I’m happy to level design in any
environmentthe client needs.

Unreal engine 4


Discord: Frostyhaz#8792
E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Additional information:

  • Live in the UK Manchester
  • Available 7 days a week
  • Cannot Travel/ unless paid for in advance
  • Will Accept paypal for paid jobs