[CONTRACT/PAID] Gameplay Designer, Remote, 3rd-Person Action RPG

We’re developing Moonray (, a surreal 3rd Person Action RPG. Our team is small but passionate and we’re located all over the world. Everyone works remotely and hours are flexible.

We’re looking for someone that loves combat and action games. You will be need to:

  • design, prototype and script the game’s combat systems (melee and ranged combat, player abilities, magic, etc)
  • develop design docs for all gameplay systems
  • Create both high level feature overviews and technical specifications in order to communicate your ideas with other teams
  • balance gameplay
  • design AI behavior
  • design move sets for the player character and enemy AI working closely with an animator and programmers
  • Work with level designers in crafting memorable gameplay experiences

Blueprint experience is required, you will need to be able to script and fine tune the combat system written by programmers. You will need to be able to design gameplay and explain it verbally and visually so that it can be implemented by programmers, animators and VFX artists. You will then need to be able to work inside UE4 to test and balance gameplay

This is a paid hourly position, compensation depends on experience level. Hours are flexible

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