[CONTRACT/PAID] Environmental Artist for 3rd person shooter, makers of Road Redemption

EQ-Games, creators of Road Redemption…ad_Redemption/ is looking for an experienced environmental artist for our new online multiplayer 3rd person shooter.

Most of the 3d modeling is already complete, but the environments are missing high quality lighting, atmospheric fog, and other little details to make them stand out.

The three environments we currently need work on are:

  1. Outdoor city environment

  2. Interior submarine/spaceship environment

  3. Office building environment.

This will be a short term 1-2 month contract with possible extension to 6-12 months.

English speaking is a plus

Ability to work on typical 10am-7pm EST (UTC -4) schedule preferred. USA, Mexico, Central America, South America, encouraged to apply!

Please contact [EMAIL=“”] if you’re interested, with a link to your portfolio. Thank you.

Hey Ian, when you say ‘most’ of the modeling is done that leaves me to think some would be needed here. Could you give a bit of info on additional 3D / texturing work that might be needed and I can get you over some estimates on that as well. In terms of the environments themselves, any hint at the size of these things or the density of props? Would you be providing level layouts, illustrations or other reference material or is that something we could help you with as well?