[CONTRACT] Paid contract to create UE5 multi-camera live podcast

Looking for a UE5 contractor to build a UE5 game designed for a live multi-camera podcast. This is a personal project. BUT we are prepared to pay a fair rate for the work. Our goal is to take advantage of existing assets and plugins to minimize the budget.

The show will be hosted by two people puppeteering two main characters. It’s essentially a 3D TV show performed in UE5. The podcast will include video clips played on TVs in the level, sound effects, a drivable VW van, and an AI computer robot (like Cortana from Halo) that will appear in person or as a hologram. We want to leverage the Advanced Locomotion System and build dialogue animations into it for the two main characters.


  1. Multiplayer game with two characters. One main computer hosting the game, and the other player would log into the game from a remote computer.
  2. Two characters built for full motion and dialogue with live voicing (characters already purchased, but need to be retargeted for UE5)
  3. Customize an existing scene for the main level to include manually triggered TV screens with video clips (the scene is already purchased)
  4. Build a multi-camera scene allowing manual switching from static to AI camera rigs (like a steadicam circling two actors), and a flying drone following the players.
  5. The AI robot will appear in-person as a robot, and at other times as a hologram. (this character is already rigged for UE, but we plan to add facial rigging for speaking parts)
  6. The VW Van will be pre-rigged for the Advanced Drivable Vehicles plugin in the UE marketplace. It will need to have 3 cameras attached to it just like a camera car in filmmaking.
  7. The Drone will offer a flying camera shot. We’d like to include a UI showing compass/altitude/distance (we will purchase this drone)

We are ready to move forward and will take any advice as to how to best execute the game plan.

Experience needed: We would prefer someone with demonstrated skills and a willingness to deliver a finished project and offer technical assistance to get it up and running.

Payment: To benefit both parties, we would prefer to work through an existing platform for payment like cghero.com or something similar. But we are open to other arrangement where both parties feel confident of.