[CONTRACT/PAID] C++ Engine programmer, custom animation system.

Project Title:
Mirror Animation System for Fighting Game.

Need a mirror animation system similar to the old UE3 mirror system: , the editor UI like UE3 isn’t needed.
The feature is needed for the game under development called: “Legacy of Death”


  • Need to configure a “mirror table blueprint” per pawn character associated to Skeletalmesh.
  • On Mirror table is necessary to create a list with symmetric bones to mirroring and asimetric bones to discard.

Team Name:
AOne Games

Team Structure**:**
Sebastian Gana
Project Manager/C++ Programmer/Blueprint Scripting - Work making games with UE since 2010 (as employee)

Rodrigo Alarcon
3D Character Artist/3D Artist - Work making games with UE since 2010 (as employee)

Max Kübler
Business Developer

Gonzalo Rossi

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer - Blueprint Scripting

  • Experience with UE4 Core. *]Experience with UE4 Animation Module. *]Task 1: Apply modifications on UE 4.9 Core to include Mirror Animation System . *] Task 2: Expose Blueprints to configure Mirror Tables per SkeletalMesh .

AOne Games

Skype: sebastian.gana