[CONTRACT/PAID] Blueprint/UMG Engineer for Interactive App Upgrade

[CONTRACT/PAID] Blueprint/UMG Engineer


We are updating and expanding an application that we built for a client in Unreal Engine 4.10. The application is a medical equipment simulator and showcase that is used for training, sales, and marketing, and has been very successful.

The new version will include improvements to existing equipment and features, as well as implementation of new features (such as a more powerful product viewer) that will take their showcasing capabilities to a new level. It will be upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.19.

This will be built for the PC as well as a Surface Pro tablet.


  • Mouse or touch navigation and interaction
  • Detailed Product Viewer
  • Communication between products
  • Accurate simulation of the product screens and interactions
  • Highly realistic environment and product replication
  • Softworkz Security Integration

Examples: WC_001.jpg

Team Name:
TrapDoor Creative, LLC. (Previously Villusion Studios, LLC.)

Example Video:

Demo Video:

Password: WCNCS_18

Talent Required:

  • Deep understanding of Blueprints, especially blueprint communication
  • Deep understanding of UMG system and how to use UMG to simulate software interactions
  • Ability to communicate clearly and know the needs of the project before solutioning

Other Skills (Not Required):

  • 3D modeling, texturing , lighting



Thanks to everyone for the great response! I’ve had a ton of emails come through, and I’ll reach out to each as I go through them. Some great work out there! Feel free to keep contacting me if you haven’t already. I’m sure there will be more projects than just this one in the future! This community is awesome.