[CONTRACT][PAID] - 3 Years experience in UE4, can do pretty much anything in Design,Blueprint & UMG

Hi everyone, my name is Matthew Williams, currently living in Staffordshire and I am looking for any job with Unreal Engine with Design/Blueprint/UMG roles.

Last year I graduated uni with a 1st Class Masters Degree of Engineering in Computer Games Design and Programming from Stafford university]

I have been using UE4 since the day it came out, learning and developing along the way.

I have been focusing on and feel very confident in doing:
Level Design
Level Mechanics
Game Mechanics
2D/3D Art (Little)
AI & Behabiour Trees
Replication + Basic Networking
Audio Implementation
Animation Blueprints & Implementation

I am looking for both Contract/Paid work or full time position with a company

Below is a link to my portfolio to show all the project I’ve worked on or made during my 4 years at uni, plus in my own time, focusing on design, mechanics and UMG. Including the game me and my friend created that is on steam

Portfolio - www.mattwilliamsgamesdev.com

Email - matthewwilliams@ntlworld.com
Skype - matthew.h.williams123

Thank You

Updated portfolio to include more recent UI work and game projects :slight_smile: