Contract or Royalty - Samurai/Ninja 12v12 - Gameplay Programmers

Project Title:
Hanako: Honor & Blade

Most recent Trailer - We released Early Access 2 on June 14th

Travel through a beautiful, fictional rendition of the 16th century of Feudal Japan. Choose between four types of warriors as you learn to master intuitive, directionally-driven swordplay while also choosing unique abilities to ensure victory over your foes. Join your friends in an immersive multiplayer campaign across Japan in pursuit of either preserving the peace and honor of the Emperor or bringing on chaos and death by playing across four different game modes with different objectives and strategies. Whether you prefer the blade wielding Kenshi or Naginata Samurai, the range and precision of the Samurai Archer, or the deceptive Ninja, the options are vast and the battles fierce.


  • Directional Combat
  • Multiple Abilities per Class
  • 3 Character Classes w/ 4th on the way
  • Online Campaign “Tug of war” System

The full nearly decade long history of the project and the **deeply personal backstory here. **We also recently won Best Multiplayer 2017 Editor’s Choice on IndieDb

Team Name:
+Mpact Games, LLC.

Team Leadership**:**
Matt (Me)
Co-Founder/Lead Developer/Creative Director


Co-Founder/Systems & AI Programming


Audio Engineer

Previous Work:
N/A - first title.

I have shipped 5 AAA titles: Smite, Paladins & Tribes: Ascend being the most popular. Note: We’re not associated with that dev, I just worked for them previously.

Talent Required:
Programmer (Gameplay) (2)

  • Experience making Gameplay systems, working with combat, etc. in C++ and blueprint.
  • Experience with C++ in general and ability to work in existing codebases
  • Experience with multiplayer games, networking/replication as it pertains to gameplay systems
  • Passion for samurai/ninja and/or melee games.

Hanako Official Site (
Discord Channel (

Please send work samples to the three email addresses below

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

Payment: Royalty contracts will be discussed and our pay structure since we are not a budgeted/funded company yet. If your hourly rate is reasonable and less than $15/hr we can talk more, we also have royalty % we can work out.

We are actively looking for this role. Send details and work samples.

We are actively looking for this role. Send [EMAIL=“”] details and work samples.

We have opened up a Gameplay Programmer role. We just need someone that can help us out for 3-6 months.