[CONTRACT or ROYALTIES] Animator wanted. Also [UNPAID] other small jobs.

Project Title:
Untitled horror simulation

I am keeping the game play elements a secret because this is a unique idea that I do not wish to reveal at this time. The game is a sim with horror elements, heavy A.I. and many interactions.

Team Structure**:**
Brad Goodman
Producer, Designer

Luisa Leitao
3D Artist

Chiranjibee Satapathy

Victoria Hennings

Previous Work:
All of us have previous experience in other but related fields. Ask me for details if this concerns you. Programmer and Artist also have direct experience in game design.

Talent Required:


  • Reliable.
  • Experience with UE4 toolset.
  • Okay with nudity. (No this is not a pornographic game)

Animator must be able to keep deadlines. This is an indie project so please keep this in mind. I do not pay by the hour but I am reasonable, so I’ll tell you what I want and you can tell me how much you estimate the cost. The nature of the game means I cannot be sure exactly how many animations will be needed so know that I am reasonable and will compensate accordingly.

Unpaid gigs

We also have some unpaid gigs for anyone interested in getting their name on a resume. We currently will accept programmers and artists only. Just let me know what time you can contribute and send a portfolio.

E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

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