[CONTRACT] Niscon Unreal Development

Niscon is looking to develop a User Interface using Unreal Engine for our Motion Control Product; Raynok.

The Raynok Motion Control System can be found servicing a wide variety of applications throughout the Entertainment Industry. Each of these applications requires a unique approach to present information to an operator, create cues and execute the desired motion profile.

Niscon has multiple interesting projects lined up for 2022, including kinetic sculptures that will require a UI that is versatile and intuitive.

Niscon is looking for an Unreal Engineer who can work with Raynoks Development Team to create a new User Interface that can support the versatility of Raynoks functions, and be intuitive enough that operators can learn how to operate without hours of training.

This is a competitively paid opportunity to work from home, apply your Unreal Engineer skills in a new and challenging field, and develop your user interface style.

For more information about Niscon and Raynok, please visit:

If interested, please email:
Include your name and “Unreal Engineer” in the subject title.