[CONTRACT] - Need UE4 Tech Consultant for Grant Application

PraxSim VR is a medical education technology platform that uses VR to teach surgeons how to operate. We have a working proof of concept of a single surgery from our first round of development. We have been invited to submit a Phase I National Science Foundation grant proposal to encourage further development. We need assistance translating technical language into language suitable for a grant application.

Our App:

  • Uses VR to teach surgical anatomy
  • Allows surgeons to safely practice procedures in VR before operating on real patients
  • Uses a mobile VR headset, such as the Oculus
  • Currently uses Unity and we are transitioning to UE4

Team Name: PraxSim VR

Team Structure :
Shareene Lindquist (CEO; Co-Founder)
Physician; Anatomy Educator; Financial Support – 2.5 years

Max Cohen (Chief Creative Officer; Co-Founder)
Medical Background; Teaching and Visual Artist – 6 months

B. Mora (Advisor; Consultant)
XR Developer; Developed proof of concept – 2.5 years

Previous Work:
PraxSim VR has a working proof of concept, which we are happy to show.

Talent Required:
UE4 Tech Consultant for Grant Application

  • UE development experience
  • Help compose and review Research and Development sections of NSF grant
  • 3D Modeling experience a bonus
  • Experience w/medical animation a bonus
  • Prior grant writing experience a bonus

Contact: shareene@praxsimvr.com