[CONTRACT] Multiplayer Conquest Game-Mode

Looking for someone to build a blueprint for a 25v25 Conquest game mode
Conquest: Assault
One team is specified as the attacker (pre-determined, depending on the map). The attacking team starts out with an uncapturable base and more tickets than the defending team, which holds all or most of the capturable control points on the map at the beginning of the round. The defenders usually start with 200 tickets and the Attackers either start with 230 or 250(depending on the amount of capturable bases there is in the map). Ticket bleed is inflicted when one team holds all the capturable control points, so the attacking team usually starts with ticket bleed at the round’s start and must neutralize at least one flag to stop it.

Can you provide some more insight, such game type (rts, fps), winning conditions, game rules, etc., please?

Sent you a PM

@Corbinnator : Could you provide me the same information like Univise? I also want to know, what terms the contract will have in detail, if you can provide them.

@Corbinnator :

I made a little effort and set up a very early WIP. What it already does is distinguish between attackers and defenders. It counts down for attackers and defenders seperatly. It already prevents attempts to game the system (by jumping in and out of the collision sphere). It is multiplayer capable already (as you can see in the video) and casting to a player character is kept to a minimum.