Contract Modeling for lots of assets // Apex Cloth

We are looking for a person or company who is able to do the modeling of jackets from “cloth cutting” data and photos.
The jacket needs to be modeled close to the orginal data. There will be a digital catalouge and users can select items which appear in front of them and they can manipulate (move, turn around, change colors/material) the jacket with a VR controller.
We would like to use the models in an UE4 scene with apex cloth enabled. If you could do the weighting and UE4 asset setup too you will have better chances to get the job!
We like to get the “ready to use” unwrapped models - materials and everything else is done on our side.

Our client wants to get 300+ jackets. We need to get at least about 30-60 ready to use assets from october - december, more is better.

Our company is based in germany. We will set up a contract for this work.

We can send you example files if you are interested. Please contact me via PM.

Thank you very much, we’re looking forward to hear from you!

Your estimate of time is wrong , you will be lucky if you get 30 jackets in 3 months , thats a lot of work if you want it perfectly professionally done ,also if you use marvelous designer and adding apex .

Thank you for your thoughts.

I’m interested. I have 7 years experience modeling in 3ds Max and been using UE4 since it’s release.

Here’s a game I’ve been working on to give you an idea of what I can do:

Hey Lennart, sounds like you need more of a tight-knit team than a handful of artists to be able to scale up quickly enough to meet this size of order. We are working in a very similar fashion right now creating digital versions of hundreds of light fixtures for another German manufacturer and I would be thrilled to chat with you about your needs and how we can scale up an appropriate team for these jackets to get them done on time while keeping the costs down. I’ll pm you now but feel free to email me at with any questions and check out for a better idea of our past work as well as how we work.



I am interested on this requirement. I am from the Digital Aptech. This is an India based digital agency. We have 2D/3D team. So, we can fullfill your requirement. I want to show you our works. Please add me in the Skype. ID- live:subhashis_14