[Contract]Modelers Wanted: Robots, Aliens, Animation, etc

Project Title:
Invader Simulator

You play as robots that are sent to an alien world to prepare it for human colonization.

Pre-Alpha gameplay (video is a year old):


  • Robot Action
  • Crazy Aliens
  • Crazy Robot/Alien Action

Talent Required:
3D Character Artist

  • Experience making UE4 characters

  • Animation experience is useful

  • HQ face modeling is also useful

  • Primary focus is humanoid robot player characters

  • Foliage, Aliens, and Architecture is extra

    Thanks in advance for portfolio links.

looks pretty cool, how has the progress been over the last year?

Hi MXultra,

I like the Atomic Mushroom. Very creative. I like the game concept. Robots and other Mechanical Entities are perfect for in-game modular construction without the need to worry about seamless joints (vs organics). You just need smaller parts & pieces and a method to assemble them in-game. Imagine the possibilities of assembling the robots with following method:
Basic Golem Assembly Process:

  1. Attach Shape Component to Skeletal Joints
  2. Spawn a Fragment external to Shape and interpolate towards Shape
  3. Test Collision against Fragment vs Shape
    3a) If Overlap, attach Fragment Mesh to Joint associated to Shape.

Ironbelly, gameplay has been our primary focus; we’re currently testing local two-player functionality. We want to launch on early access next year, so now it’s time to step up our graphical presentation.

TechLord, nice work, that looks crazy. Our robots are only going have 5 body parts, but maybe a we’ll have a golem enemy type or boss.

Thank you. That was a prototype test the concept. Version 2.0 is an Editor that provides more control. It can work with 5 parts, adding smaller ‘detail’ mesh pieces to those parts. We’re using the system in our games for all Entities Weapons, Vehicles, Building Structures, Furniture/Props. We’re taking notes from Bungie’s Destiny 2 and Maxis’ Spore Creature Creator.

I want to thank everyone again; we received way more applications than we expected. Lots of portfolios to go through, some really talented artists.
We’ll keep submissions open for September.