[CONTRACT] Looking for VFX Artist

At MLC, we’re excited to be looking for a VFX artist to join our team of passionate creatives on an ongoing basis to work with our clients when there is work available. This is a freelance position and you will be able to continue working with your existing clients, working with us only when you have time to do so and where the work is available.

Company Name:
MLC - small team of freelancers (3d, art, design, video etc.)

Previous Work:
Some clients we’ve worked with/work with currently include Over The Moon Games, Tiny Build and Valko Studios. We work mainly with indies.

Talent Required:
VFX Artist (1-3 years experience | Remote)

*Proven experience in producing a variety of effects such as smoke, fire, clouds, water, steam and explosions
*An eye for detail and thorough understanding of the techniques and technologies relating to physical simulation in computer graphics
*Good familiarity with pipeline issues and problem-solving
*Ensure all 3D Models are correctly implemented or ready to be implemented in Unity/Unreal
*Create realistic and stylised visual FX (including Fire, smoke, explosions, dust, splashes, water, debris, etc…) inside UE4 for our clients and projects.
*Profiling particles and shaders for optimisation to maximise in-game performance.



We’re looking forward to hearing from awesome VFX artists!