(Contract) Looking for Technical VFX Artist

Hyperion Realms is:

Seeking a technically oriented VFX artist proficient with Niagara to produce ability and environmental effects four our third person fantasy survival game demo.


  • Create magical ability effects for a fantasy game with a realistic aesthetic
  • Create ambient effects which enhance the richness of the game world
  • With a programmer, visualize flows of magic moving through the world
  • Build VFX that interact with skills, game systems, the player, and the world


  • Strong aesthetic sense needed to invent cool looking effects from scratch
  • Experience using Niagara to create interactions with other game systems
  • Focus on playable effects, efficiency and knowing when to keep it simple
  • Experience working with UE5 a plus, but definitely not a requirement

Other Information

The core set of demo work should be completed by the end of January at the latest, and we will work with you to create a prioritized list of everything that needs to be done. We will expect you to communicate regularly with our team in Slack, and join us for our daily team standup for a few minutes each weekday (timing is flexible, and our existing team members are in Europe and the Americas).After the completion of the initial work, we may be able to offer additional contract work and (once we raise additional funding) full time positions if interested.