[CONTRACT] Looking for someone to create particle effects

**Company Name: **Pumpkin Interactive
**Game: **Pumpkin Online

Main Team:
Monique Blaize- Director/ Producer
Matthew Gruidl - Game Designer
Jayden - Lead Programmer

We’ve hired over 25 freelancers who have contributed to the game.


Hi I’m looking for someone who is experienced in creating particle effects UE4. I’m hoping to just be able to plug them directly in the game. Currently I have listed 9 particle effects I may need more so it may be a repeat job. The particle effects I am looking for are things like:

  • dirt particles flying up
  • water splashing
  • fire
  • smoke

The game is a cartoony and stylized game so I’m not looking for realistic textures, but some thing bright and stylized to match the aesthetic. (Think Wind Waker)

This is a contract/ freelance job. Contact me and name your price per particle and we can negotiate. Consider that we are a small indie studio so we may not be able to go very high in terms of payment. I value a decent turnaround time and frequent communication.

**Contact: **