[CONTRACT] Long term contract Seeking animator

Talent Required:
Animator (1)

  • Experienced with 3dsmax or Maya
  • Capable of creating Animation blueprints
  • Comfortable with UE Environment/Cloth

This contract will be for an extended period of time,and you’ll be working with some really top notch assets. We’re interested in working with someone who can really bring some characters to life.

Hey Peter, sounds like something right up our alley. Real time Cloth on characters can be a real pain though as a headsup, the engine still isn’t there where it can handle cloth physics on very dynamic entities. Flags and other things blowing in the wind works well but as soon as you are simulating cloth on an object that is moving around, interacting with other objects or worse other cloth entities it tends to crap the bed so in those cases we try to fake it as much as possible