[Contract] Level designer for realistic road scenario

Simulation for traffic safety to prevent accidents.
Player drives approximately 3 minutes with a car through the level and has to react to some obstacles.
The level should look like a scene in europe preferably in germany.

I am member of a non-profit association in germany for the promotion of traffic safety with the aim of accident prevention.
Therefore i decided to develop this simulator for the association and i am working on this project since 1,5 years.
Whoever is interested in helping me with this project is invited to contact me

Talent required:
Ability to create a level that looks like a scene in europe/germany.

More information:
If you are interested, feel free to contact me via PM or email to [EMAIL=“”]

Best regards

Hey Hannes, very exciting to hear of your project as we’ve worked on a few non-gaming apps that set out to make the world a better place and they always have a special place in our heart… Will email you now, hopefully you are ok working with remote teams?