[CONTRACT] Immersive visualization tool for climate resilience

Project Overview

Spherical is currently developing simulation and visualization technologies to support ongoing efforts to accelerate the climate resilience of Los Angeles County (population 10M). Designed in collaboration with established community advocates, bioregional planners, game designers, policy analysts, economists, and hydrological modelers, these tools are designed to illuminate the cascading benefits of integrated watershed management. They will enable residents and decision makers to interactively explore the complex dynamics and hidden relationships between ecological health, economic justice, urban infrastructure, and community well-being in the context of a rapidly changing climate.

We are seeking engineering contractors to help us translate our research and prototypes into a production application. Our tech is based on Unreal Engine and includes high-performance 3D graphics, GIS, and hydrological modeling.

Open Roles

  • Lead Engineer
  • Simulation Engineer

For full job descriptions, visit: https://hiring.spherical.studio





Kudos! I’ll happily bump the thread as this is a really cool use of the Engine imo.
Depending on weather this is a 2012 film prediction model or humble simulation…
You’ll probably need some real masters of the engine to pull this off either way. :+1:

Thanks! We agree we need a masterful team and are excited to see who this opportunity attracts. We feel this is a truly novel and democratizing evolution of the early digital twin work being done in Unreal. Thankfully we have research partners performing some of the hardcore modeling, and our team will focus on translating it into Unreal and creating an immersive and useful experience.

Leaving this here in case its of interest and you check back.
The Youtube channel has lots of nice city photogrammetry!!! :wink: