[CONTRACT] Help me with my animation system.

Project Title:

Third Person Shooter

Team Name:
Darkloud Entertainment (NOT REGISTERED)

Team Structure**:**
Warren “Darkloud” - Everything

Talent Required:
Animation Blueprint experience.
MUST be able to show some of your previous work working with animation blueprints, and transitions between animations. I am looking for a good technique for blending to stopping animations mostly. But if needed, we can implement the animation blueprint in whatever fashion required.
I can provide you with the pertinent animations if you think a full BP rewrite is necessary, or I can send you just my current BP with the animations, or we can use TeamViewer. Whatever works for you.
This is indeed a contract, and you will be compensated half of our discussed amount up front, the other half upon delivery, depending on your quote for the work.
PM me on the forums, and I will provide my Discord information from there.


I can help out.
Please check PM.

Best Regards,

Hey there, just wondering how many different types of animations you’re looking for? How many characters are in the game? We can definitely help out and have a ton of experience animating for FPS projects, and can easily handle TPS so I’ll send over a message. Cheers!