[CONTRACT] Gameplay Programmer/Blueprint Expert/Technical Artist Needed

[CONTRACT] Gameplay Programmer/Blueprint Expert/Technical Artist Needed

We have created a training/demonstration simulator for a medical company, and are now looking to expand it. The application currently is targeted to run on a PC and a Surface Pro, but we are going to be targeting VR with it in the future. Your job would include creating/expanding functionality of the current application, taking art assets and building interactive blueprints and extensive UI widgets.


  • Highly realistic rendering
  • Accurate interactive UI screens on equipment (phones, touch screens, workstations, etc.)
  • Informational, automated demonstration modes which show off the content and capabilities of the interactive experience

Example Video

Video PW: WCNCS_18

Full-time (40hrs/wk) for 10-11 weeks


  • Local to the Portland, OR area (not required)
  • Western US (for time zone purposes - not required, but preferred)
  • Ability to video conference and use Slack for communications

Team Name:
Particle Design

Talent Required:
C++ Programmer, Blueprint Scripting, 3D Artist (Some experience desired, but not required)

  • Deep knowledge of blueprint scripting
  • Deep understanding of UI widget creation and interaction (especially between BPs)
  • Understanding of build processes for Windows
  • Upgrading projects to latest Unreal Engine builds

Particle Design


Please send links to relevant work that you have done (videos, demos, apps, etc.) and a description of the work that you performed. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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“Video PW: WCNCS_18”