[CONTRACT] Fortnite Replay File Reader

I’m looking for someone to help me programmatically read stats from a Fortnite Replay file. Stats include:

  • Time/Date of match
  • type of match: solo / duo / squad
  • players in match: names and number of players
  • kills
  • final placement in match
  • etc

I’m a programmer by trade and am interested in gathering stats to create a new tournament style offered online.

I’ve identified the source code to start with in UE:


Looking for someone to give me help creating a command line tool that:

  1. opens a Fortnite Replay file
  2. Uses the above API to gather all info from the file

I understand that Fortnite either extends the API or may not use this API at all, but I’d like to know either way.

Anyone out there?2