[CONTRACT] Escape Condition

Project Title:
Escape Condition

In ‘Escape Condition,’ a player chooses each day between a mission for science and a mission for divinity, as they try to find the right balance required to achieve a Utopian future. Weapons, gear and lore are unlocked throughout the game, dependent on those player choices.

-3 Classes of weapons and items (Archaic, Modern, and FUTURE)
-Branched storylines, multiple game endings which will be told in the form of digital comics (Infamous games are good reference)
-FPS shooter with very light RPG elements

Team Structure:
Steve Broome (Project Creator)
Game Design and Blueprinting for ~5 years
20+ years in app and web development prior
Published comic book illustrator, colorist, and writer

Talent Required:
Structural engineer or programmer experienced with creating a persistent backend for a single-player Steam game. Please send payment requirements, and samples of your work.

I need a system programmer to convert my working prototype into a playable build for Steam (depot, store page, etc. already created for testing).The game will need a save system that allows for 3 save slots, and must integrate with the plugins from the UE4 marketplace that my current action is built around. The game makes heavy use of sublevels for time travel mechanics, so the front-end system will need to be able to accommodate and unload appropriately when changing states (such as going back to main menu).

The key plugins are here:…-weapon-system…ication-system


Subject (please include): Escape Condition Programmer Inquiry

Please refer to the videos in this play list for a sample of the prototype’s action and mechanics