[CONTRACT] Environment Concept Art and / or Creature Design


Looking for 2 - 3 concept paintings for an environment.
Also looking for a creature designer, Anatomically functional.

This is for a personal project and i will be personally paying for the work done.
Please email me at crocopede at

Creature Design (4 images required)
Quadruped. Multiple Concepts can be supplied for inspiration and direction. Require a blueprint drawing of sorts for the 3d Artist to work from. Top / Side / Front views proportional to each other and the main concept image.

Environment (4 concept paintings required)

  1. Farming communities on the outskirts of a stone fortress cities.The cities are located in scrub land near heavily wooded areas or perhaps in forests. (Architectural structures and farming in ancient times)
  2. Dense Forest surrounded by desert, such as Mesopotamia prior to it mostly becoming the desert as we know it today in Iraq.
  3. Massive city with tower of Babylon present. Far distance concept to showcase the scale of the city.
  4. Inside one of the smaller villages to showcase the architecture and tools used during the times.